Ways to keep your apartment safe during the Holidays

The rate of crimes on the University campus have dropped significantly since remote learning started for students last March. Students are concerned about leaving their apartments since crime rates spike around campus breaks and in-person classes ended on Nov. 20. Here are 6 ways to keep your apartment safe if you’ll be travelling home for the Holidays. 

  1. Keep Valuables in a safe or take your items with you!- To ensure that items don’t get stolen, take all valuables with you! If you don’t want to take items home but want to keep safe like electronics, money or jewelry safe, you may want to consider getting a personal safe. 
  2. Lock your doors!- Director of UIPD communications, Patrick Wade, said there are simple ways to decrease the theft rate. 

“I think the biggest issue we see is when students leave, and they leave their apartment door unlocked, or they had a car on campus, they leave their car unlocked. And then they come back later for the start of the semester,” Wade said. “ So I think the biggest thing we try to get across to students is whether you’re leaving for break or not, you have to always, you know, lock your doors, lock your windows, don’t leave valuables in plain sight, things like that.

  1. Do not open doors to strangers- Although apartments give a sense of security because people are living communal. However because of the amount of visitors that enter the building,  it can leave you in a vulnerable position. Try as best you can to only let yourself in. 
  2. Get a dorm or apartment friendly alarm system- There are alarms that are easy and cheaper to install.
  3. Keep up with local news on theft-  Being knowledgeable about campus/ campustown crime is important. Also, keep checking campus emails to stay informed by the UIPD. 
  4. Use “Find My iPhone” for Apple Products- If you have Apple products, you can use the find feature on your devices to make a sound, and report them lost or stolen.  

Though it is unknown if burglary on campus will increase with the extended break, Wade encouraged students to stay safe while travelling home. 

“We understand that students want to go home and be with their families over the break,” Wade said. “ I think we all need to be cognizant of what the public health are asking us to do right now. And that’s really a stay at home.”