Veorides Come Back to the UIUC Campus

The popular transportation vehicles, Veorides, are back on the University of Illinois campus. Available for all students and citizens in the Champaign-Urbana area, Veorides provides a more sustainable way of traveling to reduce carbon emissions in populated areas.

Most common bike on campus. Photo curtesy of Veoride Website

Veorides is a green energy focused company that has now reached over 25 cities to help reduce gas usage; major cities include Chicago, San Diego, and many campuses across the nation. Veorides are electric bikes and e-scooters that are placed in Champaign-Urbana, readily charged and placed in designated parking lots for distribution. However, the bikes are not for free use, costing one dollar to unlock the bike and 15 cents for every minute after. Due to the cost, Veorides heavily encourages their customers to end the ride once finished or additional costs can rack up. The company also permits a 48 hour rental period for those who want to use the bikes for longer periods of time; however, it is important to lock the bike up when left unattended. 

Veorides are popular among students and many are happy that they are back, including UIUC student, Claire Vanderlaan.

“Veorides are super fun and convenient, especially when I’m walking at night it can make a 10 minute walk into four to five minutes,” said Vanderlaan. Vanderlaan says she especially likes to use the bikes because she feels like she is helping the environment but warns that the rides can get expensive and add up. She encourages any student who has been skeptical on whether a veoride is worth the money to just try the bikes once because they can be a fun way of contributing to the reduction of carbon in the air.

How a veoride works is based on technology, as the bikes can only be rented through credit/debit cards through the Veoride app. Veorides near you can be located through the app, and once you find a bike, there is a QR code and bike ID number in between the handlebars. The QR code can be scanned by holding up your phone’s camera over the code until a link pops. Once scanned and paid for through the app, the bike will unlock and you can start riding. It is also recommended that when searching for a bike, pay attention to the charge and avoid bikes that are low on charge or they will move slowly.

QR Code and Bike ID numbers are located in the middle of the handlebars. Photo by: Becca Bertram

Once a veoride is done, riders are expected to treat the bikes carefully. Veoride bikes need to be parked in an appropriate area, which are also displayed on the app, or the rider will receive a parking fine that could be up to $75. 

Common places to park at the UIUC include:

  • At a bike rack.
  • In or near bike parking at stores, restaurants, and apartment buildings.
  • Near the edge of wider sidewalks (e.g. downtown).
  • Anywhere a car can park for free (i.e. not in metered or permit parking spaces).
  • On the University of Illinois campus, bikes can be parked at or near bike racks.

For more information about Veorides and their locations, please visit

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