Urbana School District Hosts Vaccination Clinic

The Urbana school district had its first vaccination clinic for children last Friday. Once the school district was able to get approval they immediately started planning. 

As the rest of the country has had the opportunity to get the vaccine children 5-11 years old have had to go back to school with many parents worried about the health of their families. 

The district decided to go ahead with their plans for a clinic after receiving over 400 responses from parents saying they would vaccinate their children if given the opportunity. 

They had a great turn out and many parents were relieved to finally be able to have the option to vaccinate their children. This is a trend that is going around Urbana families with almost 450 scheduled vaccinations at Urbana High School shortly after the Pfizer pediatric vaccine was approved.

Kids between the ages of 5-11 years old are now able to get vaccinated which has relieved some pressure from parents and the school district when it comes to keeping students safe during such a difficult time. 

The stress that many parents have been experiencing with their kids at school being unvaccinated is lessening when more studies are expressing how more children are beginning to get more sick with COVID-19.

The district was able to put the clinic together due to their optimistic approach to taking a head start by talking to the Champaign Urbana Public Health District in advance so everything was ready to go when they got their approval. 

Urbana will be hosting another clinic for the second dose at an unknown date and they hope to offer people who missed the first clinic a chance to get vaccinated. 

Multiple other places are offering vaccines that may be more accessible. Carle will be offering the vaccine every weekend this month at Kohl’s Plaza in Champaign.