University Streamlines RSO Reimbursement and Funding

By Liam Dwyer

Urbana, Ill. – This Thursday a mass mail to all university RSO officers was sent out by the Director of Student Engagement, Gina Lee-Olukaya, announcing a shift in the financial reimbursement system. Where previously RSO treasurers could only submit for SORF funding and reimbursement in person, the process has now been moved online. This move is likely influenced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as well the temporary restriction of person-to-person meetings by the university. 

Treasurer for local RSO New Revel Players, Anna Blackledge, expressed how the move would make the process more user-friendly even during normal school operations, “I think this is a lot more convenient and it lists out the instructions pretty well, so I think RSOs would be more likely to use it.”

Blackledge was also pointed to issues the previous in-person method had, stating she hopes this new online system will fix many of the problems, 

“You were stuck waiting a long time to get an update, and if you did anything wrong it usually took them at least a month to let you know you, so if this online fixes that… I think that could be super helpful.”

The move also follows the University announcement that all university-funded events for

the remainder of the semester were cancelled, and that no new funding would be approved. For organizations who were looking for reimbursement for travel arrangements already made the email advises they “cancel the arrangement and seek a full refund”. For any questions regarding the new changes or SORF funding, you can contact