University of Illinois have more issues than just crime.

University of Illinois considers safety the number one priority for all campus students which is why emails are sent out to students by Police Chief Alice Gray whenever an incident occurs. The University of Illinois Department of Police patrols not only the campus area, but the surrounding stores & businesses as well to ensure the safety of both Champaign & Urbana. Even though, Both Cities have their police department, U of I Police handles almost all of the criminal activity that takes place on campus or near it. 

This weekend was no different, when students all around campus have  received emails regarding a shooting that took place on Bradley avenue on saturday night around 10pm. This incident caught the attention of one particular officer who decided to wait in an area near the shooting to assess the situation. 

After waiting around the 300 block east of white  avenue, the officer was able to track down a car who sped past him away from the scene. Before coming to a complete stop, the driver ran a red light and two signs signifying that they were in a rush. Once the officer was able to approach the vehicle, the driver hopped out of the vehicle and began to run on foot before being a rest at the 300 block east of springfield.

 The driver, Richard Frazier was then arrested, after a two block foot race  that forced him to throw a handgun and extended magazine clip into the grass. On top of the ones placed in the grass, The Police Officer then found two more magazines inside of that Fanny pack being carried as well. With the search, Frazier was arrested for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon, resisting a police officer and Illegal possession of cannabis. TO protect and serve the people of this community, University of Illinois Police Department will continue to make safety their number one priority.