University of Illinois Campus Bike center finds a new location.

The University of Illinois recently opened a new location for the Campus Bike Center at 51 East Gregory. This new location easily accessible for students because its location right by the Activities & Recreation Center, as well as The Fighting Illini Memorial Stadium. The campus bike center is a place where the University of Illinois provides services to anyone with their own bike or intentions to build one. The Original Bike center was on the other side of campus right by Lincoln Avenue.  COVID-19 has significantly decreased the amount of transportation throughout the Urbana Champaign area, especially on the Illinois campus. Public transportation or riding in bikes became less frequent since March of 2020, but Things are slow reverting back to normal at schools which is why the campus bike center adjust to these changes.

The Campus Bike center at the University of Illinois was created to help students, more importantly everyone understands how bicycles work and how to maintain them. With the Campus bike center program, champaign citizens & Illinois students get the hands-on opportunity to fix a bike & build their own. The Bike center is so much more than just a place for you to learn how to fix bikes or build one, you can obtain bike registrations stickers, access fix-it stations, access to bike programs and attend classes on how bicycles as well.

With the bike center being so accessible this program is not for free, there is a membership price of $30 per person and $65 for Families. It is free for some as well, However, you would need eight hours of volunteer work before having that access. Campus Recreation member, Nathan Kim has been apart of the bike center since his freshman year in 2018 and he rides his bike throughout campus.

“I have not built a bike on campus, but I do own one though. Whenever I do have an issue with my bicycle, I bring it the center immediately. Center is perfect because you it will save money and learn how to fix a bike on your own. It doesn’t get any better than that,” said Kim. A Bike center for two different cities, who wouldn’t want that. There are bike racks at multiple buildings on campus, as well as a Bike riding service called Veoride. Overall, traveling throughout the Urbana-Champaign area looks completely different than it was in 2017. With the new location, the Campus Bike Center will be changing lives for years to come.