University Library accommodates zoom-friendly study spaces

As the new school year started approaching, students urged the need for zoom-friendly spaces, so the university provided specific study spots that cater to online learning.

Zoom-friendly environments have been made available in university libraries on campus like Grainger, Undergraduate, and Main. The study spots in these libraries have made accommodations for students ranging from attending online lectures to engaging in group projects. 

While these zoom-supported spaces are not located in all libraries on campus, there are about 40 spots on campus that accommodate zoom-friendly environments one way or another.  

Masha Kozlova, a physics student, appreciates the zoom-friendly spaces for her class projects.  

“Even though there’s a lot of other great study spaces on campus, it can be hard to work there because you have to be really quiet and you’re not able to collaborate with people as well,” said Kozlova.

Kozlova is one of the many students on campus who utilizes the new accommodating spaces, not only for a social environment but for one that promotes collaborative learning.

Chris Prom,  Associate University Librarian for Digital Strategies, mentioned that the Library divided the spaces into four sections depending on what students are engaging in: “Listening allowed,” “Whispering allowed,” “conversing allowed,” and “presenting allowed.”

“I think the library provides a kind of nice space between something that might be really loud like the union and something that’s totally isolated like an individual’s apartment,” said Prom. 

Prom worked with library administration to provide ample resources for when students get back to campus. 

“So what we wanted to do was provide students a range of spaces where they can do everything from just listening to a large lecture class up to presenting if they needed to,” said Prom. Aside from Grainger, there are several other libraries on campus that provide zoom-friendly study spaces. The list of open spaces is located on the university library website.