University Installs Accessible Study Space in Library

The University Library has recently announced that it now has an accessible study room for students with disabilities. 

After several petitions were passed and students feeling their needs were marginalized, the University library took it upon themselves to create an accessible room. 

“It really shouldn’t have taken us this long to get something so necessary for so many of our students,” said University of Illinois student, Anum Paya. 

According to the Disability Resources and Educational Services, over 3,000 students with disabilities were registered with DRES in 2020, making it extremely prevalent on this campus. 

J.J. Pionke highlighted the necessity of this addition in order to make all students feel accounted for and acknowledged on campus.

The room is located in the Main Library next to the Information Desk on the first floor and is equipped with different types of seating and a screen magnifier as well as the standard accessibility software suite.

Students and staff can click here to reserve the accessible study room located in the Main Library.