University Announces Credit/no-credit

By Connor Ciecko

Urbana, Ill. – In a massmail sent out Wednesday, the University of Illinois outlined a change in its grading policy for the rest of the semester.  Following the lead of other colleges and universities such as Duke, MIT and Vanderbilt, the University of Illinois announced it will be moving to allow optional credit/no-credit grading for all classes, including classes the option was previously unavailable for such as major and minor requirements.  Professors and instructors are also being given the option to elect their classes as pass/fail if they determine that letter-based grading will come with challenges as the semester continues online.

                Credit/no-credit changes how a class appears on a student’s transcript and does not affect semester or cumulative GPA, however the credits are still counted toward the hour total.  Students earning a C- or better are assessed a grade of CR, meaning they will get credit for the class.  The University usually cautions against declaring a class as credit/no-credit out of concern that students intending to apply to graduate or post-secondary programs may be seen as less favorable applicants as admissions officers cannot know what the actual letter earned in the class was.

                Alongside to the change in grade policy, the deadline to make this change in any class and to drop semester and second-eight-week courses has been moved back to April 30.  These changes do not apply to students in the Veterinary Medicine, Law, or Medical programs.