UIUC’s accreditation audit is being held virtually

Every 10 years, universities are audited to reestablish their accreditation. Normally representatives would come to campus, but during this time of contagion, it will be done virtually.

On March 30th and 31st, faculty, staff, and students will have the opportunity to participate in that process. UIUC’s Chancellor Robert Jones sent out a mass mail on Wednesday advising the campus community to register to participate in open meetings with Higher Learning Commission (HLC).

The meetings will take place over Zoom. Participants may be asked, for example, about the university’s ethics, teaching effectiveness, policies, or utilization of resources. (Complete list of questions)

In the most extreme cases, if a university loses its accreditation, that usually means it loses federal funding. Some institutions can survive and operate without federal assistance, but for the majority of higher education, this would be a death sentence.

UIUC’s Chancellor Robert Jones wrote: “We have a strong history of accreditation and are confident we will be reaccredited, as we have been every year since 1913.”