UIPD Off-Duty Lieutenant killed by car accident.

Lieutenant Landers name flashes across the screen in front University of Illinois Police Department.

When it comes to driving it can be very dangerous because you are taking on so many responsibilities all at once. Once you step foot in the driver seat you become responsible for the lives of the people in the car with you & around you which is why Drinking, and Driving is considered a federal crime. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, since 2016 there are an average of 17,250 car accidents per day which means drinking and driving should be taken more seriously. However, this story isn’t about the drunk driving, rather the effects of it.

On Sunday August 22ND around six in the afternoon, Off Duty Lieutenant Aaron Landers was hit by drunk driver while riding his motorcycle. The accident involved five other vehicles at the intersection of Church Street & Prospect Avenue.  The 25-year-old Logan Freed has been put into custody awaiting trial for multiple charges. According to the University of Illinois Police department, Freed’s vehicle was not following the rules of the road which is why she collided with another vehicle that hit the motorcycle that Lieutenant Landers was on. The off-duty Lieutenant was taken to Carle Hospital where he was treated for his injuries, however, it was too late for the injuries were so severe Landers passed away Monday morning.

Everyone in the police department loved & cared deeply about Lieutenant Landers being taken away from them.  The 24-year veteran made an impact on everyone in Illinois after leaving this world especially his wife and two children. Aaron was very passionate about protecting others & looking out for his community. He was a commander of the Bomb Squad, US Air Force War Veteran, Crisis Intervention Team member, a member of the Concerns of Police Survivors organization. Landers was loved by everyone from Champaign Police Department to the police dogs in the station.

Aaron was known for his love for dogs, especially his dog Winston, who was present at the funeral amongst multiple other dogs. Landers joined the University of Illinois Police Department Dog therapy dog program which is where he probably found his love for dogs from.  Aaron landers loving & caring attitude made others around value him as a person and officer. He received awards like the Community policing award, multiple life saving awards and a director of public safety recognition award.

As you can see the life of a beloved police office has been taken away which is something that has happened more often this year. Driving is very dangerous if you aren’t careful of your surroundings or if the rules of the road are ignored.