UI Students react to massmail

by Taylor Howard

It has been a week since Chancellor Jones sent out a Massmail to students, faculty and staff asking that all undergraduates limit their in-person interactions outside of essential activities for two weeks. 

As the University plans to mitigate the spread of the virus, weekly COVID- testing, religious observances,  grocery store visits and seeking medical attention are all appropriate options. 

The Shield testing program intensified their efforts and began removing individuals from increasing the risks of getting infected. 

However, domororities are also doing their part to decrease the risks as well. Rino Veljacic, sophomore in LAS and Resident Assistant, said that housing has tried several tactics to limit the inefficiencies on campus. 

“Health is the most important thing and we are trying to eliminate these through the protocols,” Veljacic said. “You are literally saving lives if you’re taking care of yourself in your dorms.”

Resident Assistants documented students that weren’t wearing masks or congregating in large groups.

Housing has put up more signs to promote social- distancing in the residence halls. Though housing increased their efforts to stop the spread in dorms, Kayla Baldwin, freshman in Urban Planning, said that people are still not following protocol. 

“We are supposed to wear masks and most people do, but I have definitely seen some people not wearing masks,” Baldwin said. “It makes me very uncomfortable when people do not wear them.”

Baldwin has had friends and peers who have contracted the virus. Baldwin said that she hopes that she will be able to stay on campus for the semester, but the responsibility relies on the students. 

“You’re not just hurting one person, as you can have it, not even know, then spread it to so many different people,” Baldwin said. “When you realize how close that person may be to you, that makes me want to take more percaution.” 

Veljacic believes that responsibility falls beyond the undergraduate students to the C-U community as well. 

“I, personally, believe it’s everyone’s job to follow those rules,” Veljacic said. “ We are in a pandemic and there are obstacles that need to be overcome, but we can do it.” 

The University is expected to announce any updates on potential permanent remote learning next week. 

 For more information on Housing and coronavirus updates , visit the COVID-19 website

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