UI releases 10-day enrollment numbers

By: Mariah Guzman

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — In the midst of a global pandemic, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has continued instruction this fall with a mix of fully online, hybrid, and in-person instruction. On Wednesday, the University released its 2020 enrollment numbers and is seeing a higher enrollment number compared to last year.

Current total enrollment is 52,331, higher than last year’s record of 51,196, according to the Illinois News Bureau, administration officials attribute this to higher demand in the University’s online graduate programs — forty-two percent of graduate students are enrolled in fully online programs. Graduate student enrollment is at 17,802, higher than last year’s record enrollment of 16,319.

“An additional 2,025 new graduate students elected to delay admission to a later term, compared with around 300 in a typical year,” said the News Bureau.

Though there is a higher number of total enrollment, the University has seen a drop in individual enrollment areas. Undergraduate enrollment is seeing a 358 student drop, 576 fewer undergrad international students are continuing enrollment for the fall semester. Freshmen enrollment has also seen a drop of about 135, there is a total of 7,530 new students, the 2019 year had a record enrollment of 7,665 freshmen.

“An additional 277 students asked to delay their admission to a later term, compared with about 60 in a typical year,” said the News Bureau.

And though the numbers weren’t strictly listed, the News Bureau said that both Undergraduate and Graduate student enrollment have seen an increase in African American and Latinx students.

“We are encouraged to see that an Illinois educational experience remains a priority for students and families, even in these unprecedented times,” Chancellor Robert Jones told the Illinois News Bureau. “Students recognize our institutional brand as one of the best in the world, and we have found innovative ways to provide a top-quality education during a global pandemic.”