Trump announces US Supreme Court nomination following RBG’s death

By Sammi St. Leger

As mourners grieve the death of 27 year supreme court justice and women’s rights activist Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the government moves forward on filling her vacancy.

Despite Ginsburg’s final wish to not have President Donald Trump fill her seat in the event of her passing, Trump has nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the U. S. Supreme Court. Multiple republican members of congress including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have already said they will back Trump’s nomination. Barrett follows a conservative interpretation of the constitution. If she is approved by congress, the court will become the most conservative court in decades with a 6 to 3 supreme court bench – meaning the court will have six conservative and 3 liberal judges. This stands in comparison to the prior supreme court 5 to 4 bench fueled by RBG’s history of consistently liberal choices. 

“You will probably see more cases along the lines of gun regulations, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, religious rights. You’re going to have a broader range of controversial cases. You’ll have the court’s interpretation of the constitutional rights will shift more conservatively compared to over the past four years while RBG and the other three supreme court justices were still in effect of ruling it – but this is going to tip the scales,” said University of Illinois College of Law Juris Doctorate Candidate Josh Goeppner.

Goeppner said to his knowledge there has never been a 6 to 3 bench and that this is going to be an unprecedented time. 

While many Americans are concerned about the potential of repealing court decisions like Roe v. Wade, (a landmark 1970s case that ruled in favor of protecting a women’s choice to have an abortion) Goeppner said he urges everyone not to panic, as the decision still comes down to how the states interpret changes in statue. 

“If the supreme court overturns these cases, the state you live in will decide on how they rule upon these cases and these individual rights. For Illinois residents you will be ok. You will not lose your rights. For other states I will not speak on them but I believe Illinois residents will be ok even if Trump’s nomination comes into play,” said Goeppner.

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