The University of Illinois announces changes in testing schedules

By: Mariah Guzman

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Following labor day weekend, the University sent out a mass-mail to announce new changes to its testing schedule requirements.

The mass-mail shared two findings gathered from the on-campus saliva shield testing: the number of cases between faculty, staff and graduate students is extremely low and more than 95% of all new cases are from undergraduate students.

The university will be implementing changes to the testing schedule beginning Tuesday, Sept. 8.

The University asks that faculty, staff, and graduate students should refrain from getting tested on Tuesday and that this group can move to get tested once per week but can opt for testing twice a week if they choose, but it is not required. Testing on Saturdays, Sundays, or Wednesdays is ideal for a quicker turn around time for test results and shorter wait times at testing sites.

Undergraduate students should remain on a twice-per-week schedule. The mail said that some undergraduates may be contacted directly to get tested three times a week if it is believed the individual has had higher risk of recent exposure.

The mass-mail ended by saying, “This new more targeted approach will provide test results more quickly and will allow the university to connect those students with information and resources more quickly upon receiving a positive test.

We are confident these adjustments in our testing schedule will help us further reduce our positivity rate and show the world that our innovative approach can help us all move forward together in these challenging times.”

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