The Transfers of Illini Women’s Basketball

By Will Charlton

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — It’s not everyday you hear of a team that has four transfer players on it, but the Illini women’s basketball team does.

Senior Sara Anastasieska, junior De’Myla Brown, sophomore Kendall Bostic, and senior Eva Rubin are all here from different places as they did not start out with the orange and blue.

Anastasieska has had the longest road out of all of them as she has been to three other schools before Illinois; those being Texas-San Antonio, California, and Duke. Along with that, she is in her seventh season playing college basketball.

“When I did transfer from Duke, it was kind of a no brainer for me to come here,” said Anastasieska. “Nowhere could really compare.”

She also came here for the purposes of academics since she wanted to finish out her college tenure at a prestigious academic institution, which was also a factor for the others as well.

Brown went to Western Kentucky and Chipola College prior to joining coach Nancy Fahey’s squad. Bostic and Rubin each only went to one school before Illinois which were Michigan State and Arizona State respectively.

“Playing in the Big Ten, it’s every young girls dream when they’re growing up and have been playing basketball for as long as I have,” said Brown. “Playing in a high major conference is definitely what led me here.”

Since all of the players did come in with valuable prior basketball experience, they are huge influences on the younger players of the team.

“With the underclassmen, they always come up to me and ask questions,” said Anastasieska.

Even the players like Bostic and Brown get advice from Anastasieska at times when needed.

“Sara has played college basketball for a very long time,” said Bostic. “She even helps me and De’Myla out sometimes with her expertise and perspective on things.”

While it hasn’t been the best season for the Illini, the overall difference they make is vital to the team. It’s not even all about the leadership perspective either, as statistics prove it too.

A great example of that is Bostic, who is not just the leading rebounder on the team, but the leading rebounder in the big ten conference averaging over 11 per game.

“That wasn’t really something I had in my mind before the season started,” said Bostic. “It’s kind of a nice surprise.”

It fair to say they’ve all truly found their fit here at Illinois, which is what it’s all about when transferring schools.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this close with my teammates than I have been at other schools,” said Anastasieska. “The coaches play a big part in that as well.”

The Illini are in the final stretch of the season as the Big Ten Tournament begins for them on March 2nd in Indianapolis.

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