The Quarantine Chronicles: Intro

Illini Sports Night producer Mariah Guzman here giving you an update on how my life in quarantine has been.

By Mariah Guzman

Hello everybody! It has been a crazy two weeks of official quarantine for me. It also happens to be Opening Day! So shoutout to all the MLB fans out there who look forward to this day to either watch at home with their families or go to a game in person. I typically celebrate in some way but this season it is a little impossible with the global pandemic of COVID-19.

I have spent my two weeks trying to pull it together. As a senior, it was very disheartening thinking that I had a full eight weeks ahead of me for it to then be abruptly taken away. Either way, we have to push through right?

Online classes have been…interesting. Some in-person classes are in-person only for a reason. So I feel the workload has increased because some teachers may think working from home makes it “easier” when in reality, it’s ten times harder to understand the material.

What have I done to keep myself busy? Other than coursework, going on long walks with my dog to stay outside, playing catch or a simple workout. A new top priority of mine that I never had time to do while at school was learning new recipes and trying to cook as healthy as possible to keep my immune system up. I have also been cleaning and organizing like crazy. When I feel like there’s nothing more for me to organize, another thing pops up.

I am excited and nervous about this Vlog journey…but I think it will be a fun and creative outlet for me. I can’t wait to see how this journey unfolds.