The Other Guys find different ways to perform in a pandemic

By Angelle Cortes

The Other Guys is an a cappella group on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. Like other performing groups on campus like Illini Student Musicals, they have been affected by COVID-19. To still bond as a group and show people they’re still around doing stuff, The Other Guys have decided to make a Halloween special. 

“It’s a group of seven guys that go to the Pils family household for a fun halloween weekend, but they end up dealing with something much stranger and darker,” Jake Daniel Patterson music director of The Other Guys said. 

The seven put their vocal chords aside in favor of their acting chops. However, acting isn’t something foreign to them. 

“A lot of us in the group one way or another have a background in some sort of performing. I know I did theater in high school, he did, some other guys did speech team, like debate team, stuff like that,” President of The Other Guys Connor Pils said. 

Throughout the eight minute special, members disappear or are killed mysteriously after the house goes lights out for a couple seconds. 

The last two members standing at the house were Pils and Jonathan Kaplan. The two eliminated Landon Turvey after being accused of killing another member. 

One moment that The Other Guys would say was their favorite, was new member Kaplan taking 69 tries to get a line right. 

“It was a challenging line to say, but it took him so many tries and so many takes it was just funny for all of us being there,” Patterson said. 

The line goes “Maybe it was someone in the other all male a capella group.” 

While singing is what they do best, due to the pandemic they have had to adapt. Regardless, The Other Guys said that they had a fun time acting as it is something they are not used to doing. 

With the Halloween special out, they are looking towards another one for Christmas. As well as an in-person socially distanced concert.