The City of Champaign Hosts an Award Ceremony Honoring those in the Community

This Wednesday officer Jeffrey Creel was honored by the City of Champaign for his courageous efforts that took place on May 19th. He was one of the dozens of people reconiged during the annual awards ceremony. 

On May 19th Officer Creel responded to a call that involved his partner officer Chris Oberheim. The day that seemed like so many resulted in the death of officer Oberheim who was shot and killed.

Officer Creel earned the “Personal Integrity” Award due to his bravery in such a tough situation. He stayed by officer Oberheim’s side even in the moment of distress. He perosnifies true heroism.

City Manager Dorothy David expressed how it was willingness to put his own life on the line for his colleague that set him a part from the rest. He expressed what it trul meant ti be an officer that cares about his community.

It’s been months since the shooting and officer Creel still works for the police department but he hasnt been patrolling since the incident. 

There were numerous awards given out that showcased the effort and work that public servants in the Champaign community do every day. The Champaign Fire and Police Departments and METCAD received an award for their heroitc efforts from a fire that took place in April. 

A notable award was the Champaign Police SWAT receiving an award for the continuing increase in crime in the area. The city of Champaign has been passing initavies and working to combat the continued problem. 

The city of Champaign is putting together the tools to ensure that they value their employee while also putting effort into keeping the community safe.

There were a variety of award presented at the annual award ceremony that recognized the impact that many organizations and people have in the community.