Summer Classes Go Fully Digital

by Liam Dwyer

Summer classes are remote-only following a mass mail sent out by Chancellor Jones this Thursday.

Following the recent extension of the stay-at-home order by Governor Pritzker this Wednesday as well as federal guidelines, the university has decided to officially announce that it will conduct its 2020 summer course remotely via “alternative delivery methods”.

The email acknowledges that with the decision comes many questions in its wake regarding the many summer programs, travel, and research the university is known to conduct during its summer semester. Those questions remain unanswered however, as the email does not further specify further other than to reiterate that all Summer 2020 study abroad programs are still suspended.

Registration for summer classes is currently set for April 20 and is fully online. Further details on to what extent the summer semester will be altered due to COVID-19 is expected in the coming weeks as more information on the longevity of the pandemic comes out.