Students Mental Health Supported at the University of Illinois

University of Illinois student, Rochanda Phillips, hand out mental health kits to students to bring awareness of resources on May, 7, 2021.

Photo: Kenya Williams/UI7 Live

URBANA – Students gather around on the Quad on campus, laughing and talking as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated inform students of mental health resources on campus.

Rochanda Phillips a senior at U of I, handed out mental health kits that involve stress balls, numbers to the counseling center, water bottles, and much more.

Organizations on campus are starting to sponsor the Counseling Center to help students know about the resources that are provided.

Nicole Evans, the Media Communications Coordinator for the Counseling Center believes that sponsoring with other organizations will bring a friendly approach to students that struggle to reach out for mental help.

“That’s always been a really big part of who the counseling center is, partnering with people and reaching out to start building those relationships”. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated wants to bring in students to the Counseling Center during the pandemic as well. Sharon Nduka, Vice President, of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated wants to share resources with students because she knows how it feels to have a lot of pressure while being in school. She wants her organization to aim to make students feel comfortable with coming to them for different help and resources. 

“All these assignments and deadlines that they have to get on and that they have to submit on time. So, it can be super overwhelming. So, my organization, in particular, realizes this and just wants to make sure that students we interact with know that we understand how you feel and we are here for you and we have resources to help you cope during this time”. 

Nduka says that resources are available on campus like the Counseling Center but there is still more work to be done. Nduka feels as if mental health should be broadcasted even more so students can even know about the resources they have on campus. 

The Counseling Center is planning on collaborating with more organizations during the upcoming fall semester. 

Evan says: 

“It is not just enough for us to be here and expect that people are going to come to us. We really really try hard to partner with a lot of different organizations across campus so a lot of people know who we are”.

The Counseling Center will continue to reach out to students during the pandemic in hope that students will relax and take care of themselves for the next semester in the pandemic. The Center will continue to provide zoom sessions with students and will add in the Fall in-person sessions as well. 

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