Students attend debate watch parties

By: Pari Apostolakos

The first presidential debate occurred last Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020 featuring Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, moderated by Chris Wallace.

A socially distanced watch party was organized by Matthew Krauter, current president of College Republicans and junior at the University of Illinois. The party took place in Noyes room 100. All attendees wore masks throughout the duration of the debate and sat apart from one another.

The Illini Democrats also organized a watch party the night of the debate, however, theirs occurred via Zoom.

Krauter didn’t think the actual content of the first debate would change the minds of most voters when going to the polls in November. However, he did think it was worth watching.

“As much as some people will be influenced by the events during this debate and the two coming up, I believe the vast majority of people already have their opinions formed about Trump or Biden. I think we’re here more for the entertainment value tonight than necessarily content,” Krauter said.