Staying fit during a global pandemic

By Tatiania Perry

For many students fitness was a large portion of their campus routine. 

Whether they were going for a jog before class, a pickup basketball game with friends or stopping by the ARC at some point in the day to throw some weights around, they were trying to stay in shape.

“I was at the gym like six times, six days a week, two times a day for three of those day,” senior Chistitan McKinney said. 

The gym was a place to relieve stress.

When the pandemic hit and shut everything down in March, many students were left without a place to workout and for the first few weeks, little physical activity was being done.

“Working out, to be honest, was just awesome,” McKinney said. “During COVID, I didn’t have a job and I didn’t have a place to work out.”

The University took restrictions very seriously and shutting down not just the gyms but the outdoor recreation as well. Basketball hoops were removed, tennis and volleyball courts were closed and the gates to the recreational fields were locked.

McKinney, like many of his peers, had to adapt to working in.

“I do (shadow) boxing regiments,” McKinney explained. “Just full body workouts that ended up being cardio as well because it was a lot of movement and no ways to touch.”

Personal motivation became the key factor in staying fit as human interaction was actively discouraged. But sticking to a routine has proved to be the most effective way for the University senior to stay consistent.

“I couldn’t do pull ups but tried to do like one every every so often. Just so I can hurt my fingers on the ledge of my door.”

McKinney is happy to report that he can now do several push-ups and pull ups in a row,

Tatiania Perry

I am a journalism graduate student. In my undergraduate at the University I had the privilege of working for The Daily Illini as an Assistant Sports Editor, interning for NBC Sports Group in the digital media department as and most recently I served as a digital intern for Illinois Public Newsroom and a Teaching Assistant for the College of Media. I chose to go into Journalism because I love the idea of telling the stories of those who would otherwise not be heard, being a voice to the voiceless.