Solar Farm is Up and Running in Urbana

Solar Farm is a good move by Urbana to bring back economic growth and secure new relationships.

Nexamp has over 20 comA new innovative solar farm has moved into Urbana which can lower energy bills for many families.

The hope is to lower the costs of energy for low to moderate income families whouses Ameren energy. This is a new initiative through the “Iliinois Solar for All” program that uses areas like landfills to help those who need it. 

This is a low maintenance initiative that will allow for people to get solar energy without any additional set up. This is an effort to contribute to clean energy and to utilize unusable land.

There are approximately 14,000 solar panels that cover almost 40 acres of landfill. People in the Ameren energy area will receive credits on their bill due to the new supply of clean energy. Any residents that qualify can be a part of the program and receive as much as a 50 percent discount on their electricity bill.

This is in collaboration with Nexamp who’s mission is to provide accessible clean energy to serve local communities and use landfills. It has also led to local employment which has bolstered the Urbana community after difficulties due to the pandemic. 

The Enviromental Sustanibility Manager for the City of Urbana is ecstatic about the program due to Urbana gaining new revenue and also potentially being able to save a lot of money in the future.

The establishment of the munity solar farms around the state of Illinois.

This has been a project that has been in the works for the past year but didn’t fully get up and running until Monday.