Siebel Center for Design provides new, versatile space for students

When first walking inside the Siebel Center for Design, the eye immediately catches the colorful murals lining the walls. The open, wavelength floor plan glides the eye up the various seating areas and through to the other side of the building. 

The Center provides spaces that can function as study spaces, lounging couch areas, interactive classrooms, workspaces, fashion show runways and more. The flexibility of Siebel allows for students and faculty to use spaces for whatever they may need.

The Siebel Center for Design’s grand opening happened on Friday, October 8. One of the main donors to complete the project, the Siebel Foundation, had Tom Siebel make a dedication for the event.

In addition to reservable spaces, the Siebel Center also uses classrooms for University classes to be held in as well as workshops, clubs and other RSOs. Whiteboards and sticky notes cover the walls of the upper level, as the center is open to constructive criticism to keep it as inclusive as possible. 

Several notes read phrases and questions such as, “Is it possible to schedule recurring meetings and reserve a room accordingly?” and, “Can I take a design class if I’m not an Art and Design major?” with both questions connected to replies that read “Yes!”

For questions that are better asked face-to-face, the Siebel Center is working to create student concierge positions. This allows for students to give one on one advice based on personal experience and coming from a similar point of view, compared to University faculty. 

Associate Director of Marketing at the Siebel Center Lisa Bralts wants to encourage everyone to entertain the idea of visiting the Center.

She said, “We want people to use the building for their meetings and for whatever other purposes they have. We also have a maker space downstairs and a digital maker space here too and we want to be able to offer those things, not just to the campus community but eventually to the community at large.”

The Siebel Center for Design is a collective space for students, faculty and community members alike.

“We have big plans, especially for second semester and on,” Bralts continued, “We would love for this place to be a catalyst for unexpected collaboration.”

Photo by Maddy Chemers

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