Should you disinfect mail and packages because of COVID-19?

by: Mariah Guzman

You have been told to wear masks while out in public, to wash your hands regularly, and steer clear from touching your face.

But what about those deliveries you get every so often?

Joseph G. Allen from the Washington Post dove into detail on whether or not the risk of getting COVID-19 should be taken seriously. Allen agrees that disease transmission from inanimate surfaces is real, and shouldn’t be minimized. However, he does agree that risks are small and manageable.

According to a NEJM study, COVID-19 is detectable on copper for four hours, up to 24 hours on cardboard, and two to three days on plastic or steel.

The tip here is to let the package hang out outside of your front door if it was just delivered. If you’re really concerned, you could leave it out for the times mentioned above depending on the type of material your package arrives in. If you decide to open the package, you could opt for throwing it straight into your garbage bin, disinfect any surfaces you may have touched in-between that time, and wash your hands after.

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