Sammi St. Leger

Sammi St. Leger is passionate about all things broadcasting. Picking up up Good Morning Illini, the University of Illinois live morning show freshman year, she quickly realized she liked to be in front and behind the lens of a camera. Her sophomore year, while reporting and working production for live specials of Newsbreak, she got a taste for producing and fell in love with floor directing. Junior year she produced Good Morning Illini and floor directed all nine shows of season four. This year, Sammi anchors GMI and volunteers to floor direct when needed. During her time with UI7 Live, she has reported on everything from house explosions to Election Day, jumping on breaking news stories and preparing for live shots. She has liking for editing, which she got to develop thoroughly over the summer interning as an assistant producer under photojournalist Stretch Ledford and former director of photography for National Geographic Tom Kennedy with the American Society of Media Photographers. There, she cut and disseminated webinars about social justice issues and helping photographers get back on track during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s a writer, photographer, videographer, editor, reporter, producer, floor director, anchor, and whatever she can get her hands on next.


Reel – Reporting

Dec. 7th, 2020

Your UI7 Live Video Stories – Reporting

DAYOFVOTING – Nov. 3rd, 2020

Live Report, Reporter, Editor, Producer, Videographer
Sammi St. Leger went out to the polls on Election Day to see who voted. Watch her coverage as she speaks to a first time voter and the husband of a judge running for reelection.

YOGA – Oct. 22nd, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer, Videographer
When the pandemic caused a spike in stress levels and a drop in activity, yoga became a way to fight back against this change. Check out the story of one women who took up the practice while stuck in quarentine and an instructor who reveals the healing affects of the breath.

EXPLOSION – Oct. 8th, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer, Videographer
Virginia Smith-Hayes was unloading the dishwasher when a bang shook her house. The bang came from the explosion – of her next door neighbors house.

CARS – Oct. 3rd, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer, Videographer
Five cars have been stolen in the past month from areas around the University of Illinois. Watch the story of a law student who did not know his car was missing and a UIPD officer who tells community members what steps they can do to keep their cars and themselves safe.

Your UI7 Live Shows – Producer

UI7 Live, Season 1, Ep. 1, Sept. 24, 2020

The first edition of UI7 Live will begin with a look at the court ruling on Breonna Taylor’s death and the protests that followed – some of which have made it all the way to Champaign. It will cover what Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court in the wake Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death could mean for the country. Plus, it will look at weekend weather, voting by mail, fraternity suspensions, car thefts on campus, and later the struggles and triumphs students have experienced living on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your UI7 Live Web Stories – Writer

Videographer, Editing, Producing
She’s Colombian. She’s 5 foot 2. She can lift 300 pounds – and those aren’t the only things that make Kim tough.

Your Newsbreak Video Stories – Videography

KIM – Apr. 30th, 2019

Your Good Morning Illini Video Stories – Reporting

MARCH – June 4th, 2020

Reporter, Editor, Producer, Videographer
Eighteen-year-old Johanna Taylor organized a Black Lives Matter march in the Village of New Lenox. It was met with some backlash from residents, but Mayor Tim Baldermann was confident the march would remain peaceful. Good Morning, Illini’s Sammi St. Leger is from New Lenox and has the story.

Your Good Morning Illini Shows – Producer

Season 4, Episode 59 Dec. 6, 2019

Co-Producer, Writer, Floor Director
In the final show for season four of Good Morning Illini, we’ll kick it off with a look at the weather, check out construction on campus, and one of our contributors will skate with the women’s hockey team. After, Sammi and Maddie return to their old roots to ask their final questions on Green Street, and our anchors decorate Christmas cookies in an edition of I-L-L Tell You What’s Cooking. Stay tuned until the very end as we reflect on season four of Good Morning Illini, and reveal all those who made it possible.

Season 4, Episode 56 Nov. 8, 2019

Producer, Writer, Floor Director
Episode 56 of GMI serves up an inside look on our women’s volleyball team and their most recent win, and our Illini Sports Night correspondent gives the scoop on men’s basketball. Next, we will interview photo journalist and professor Charles “Stretch” Ledford as he explains how he and his class covered the pumpkin launching sport: Pumpkin Chunkin. Later, we speak to students preparing for their undergraduate art gallery, and in an edition of Who Am I, a student will reveal her passion for singing and crocheting.

Season 4, Episode 53 Oct. 18, 2019

Co-Producer, Writer, Floor Director
This hour long special of Good Morning Illini celebrates homecoming once again returning to campus. Our producers take us behind the scenes to see just how a show is put together, our anchors will take a look at the final day of Kams – a location alumni have flocked to for one last blue guy, and our UI7 news correspondent will shed light on sexual assaults on campus as well as the arrival of a famous Youtube star David Dobrik to U of I. Also, we will sit down with a member of our homecoming court, listened to a talented Illini perform her rendition of “Home,” and one of our contributors will take us along the homecoming parade route.

Season 4, Episode 54, Oct. 25, 2019

Producer, Writer, Floor Director
For episode 54, Good Morning Illini will talk to students on campus about the Fighting Illini’s big win over the Wisconsin Badgers and a potential new mascot for Illinois. Then, see the story of an alumni coming back to campus and get a Quick Hit from our Illini Sports Night correspondent and take a look at our weekend weather. Later, our show takes a spooky turn as Illini actors and actresses will tell us what it’s like training for Carrie the musical. Plus our team members will for on a hunt for costumes and prepare for a haunted house visit.

Season 4, Episode 50, Sept. 27, 2019

Producer, Writer, Floor Director
It’s the first episode of season 4 and the 50th episode of Good Morning Illini. We’ll look back at how the whole show started and talk to two anchors from the very first season. We will also cover the global climate march that took place across the nation – including on campus. Later, our UI7 correspondent gives us an update on the famous bar on campus, Kams, that’s closing its doors, and we’ll get a look at our weather for the weekend. Plus, we’ll Tag along with Sammi and Maddie as they take on Quad Day.

Your Good Morning Illini Video Stories – Content Creator

TAGALONG12/6 – Dec. 6, 2019

Editor, Producer
GMI’s Maddie Rice and Sammi St. Leger take to Green Street for one final edition of Tag Along

QUADDAY – Sept. 27, 2019

Writer, Editor, Producer
Sammi St. Leger and Maddie Rice may be producing, but that won’t stop their shenanigans…especially during Quad Day. Come Tag Along.

EARTHDAY – Apr. 27, 2019

Writer, Editor, Videographer
Sammi St. Leger and Maddie Rice have race to see who can pick up the most trash in this Earth Day edition of Tag Along.

MOMSWEEKEND – April 5, 2019

Writer, Editor, Videographer
In this week’s Tag Along, Sammi and Maddie take to the kitchen for their moms but get a little distracted along the way.

DESTRESS – Mar. 1, 2019

Writer, Editor, Videographer
Midterms have Maddie a little stressed out, but Sammi has some great tips to destress.

SWINGDANCING – Feb. 15, 2019

Writer, Editor
Maddie Rice and Sammi St. Leger swing dance to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

VALENTINESDAY – Feb. 8, 2019

Writer, Editor, Videographer
It’s almost Valentine’s Day on campus and Sammi and Maddie have some pressing questions to ask about love. The answers may surprise you.


Writer, Editor
Maddie Rice & Sammi St. Leger ask questions about Thanksgiving.

HOMECOMINGMOTS – Oct. 12, 2018

Writer, Editor
It’s homecoming and Sammi and Maddie have questions about our Fighting Illini.

FALL – Sept. 29, 2018

Writer, Editor
It’s Fall, and we want to know people’s favorite things about Autumn and if students actually like pumpkin spice.

COFFEE – Apr. 20, 2018

Writer, Editor
GMI’s Sammi St Leger and Maddie Rice took a trip around campus to find the best coffee spots. And while they were out, they also asked students what their favorite coffee orders are.

MOMSMOTS – Apr. 13, 2018

Writer, Editor
In this week’s “I Have A Question”, GMI’s Sammi St. Leger took a trip to Green Street and asked fellow students why they love their mom.