Residents Complain About Potholes

CHAMPAIGN- Residents have submitted complaints about potholes on the I-74 East in Champaign County. 

For one resident, Rafael Ortega, his car was destroyed during his drive. 

“It was a bumpy road” Ortega said. “One minute I was swerving, avoiding these holes and next thing I know, my tire was racing alongside me.” 

Alongside Rafael was his friend, Omar Iglesias. 

“I told Raf to slow down and watch out with the potholes. It was scary when the wheel popped off and we had to slow down and watch the wheel go by. Luckily it was late at night, and no one was hurt” Iglesias said. 

Ortega was glad that they were able to come out of the situation alive. 

“I’m glad I am alive after the accident. Paying for the damages is going to be awful but I’m here, that’s all that matters.” 

Ortega fears the damage could cost him hundreds of dollars.

“It’s definitely going to be frustrating to talk to my insurance company about this. I’m a college kid, money is very limited to me. It’s going to cost me a lot, but I hope my insurance company can help me out.” 

Illinois Department of Transportation has acknowledged the issues going on in the area and says they had patched up the hole quickly. 

“Safety for our drivers will always be our priority.” Paul Wappel, Public Information Officer for IDOT, said. 

“We hear the frustration and understand them. We always look to improve, and this is the way we will improve our roads for our drivers.” 

Wappel also mentioned that IDOT offers a process in which drivers can file a claim for vehicle damages from road damages through IDOT.

IDOT also says you can also call your insurance company to help with the process. 

For more information regarding the insurance claim, visit the IDOT’s website. 

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