Registered Student Organizations work together to find virtual solutions

By Tatiania Perry 

At the University, registered student organizations, RSOs have been a way for students to meet people with similar interests  outside of academics or gain pre professional connections. 

Student organizations range that from spoken word performances to mentorship programs are struggling to reach out to the freshman class. 

Traditionally, Quad day takes place the weekend before classes start and could essentially be described as organized chaos. 

Freshmen and incoming students are encouraged to the quad where there are hundreds of tables set up for every RSO. 

“It was bad if I am being honest,” said Serena Mitchell, Vice President of Reach Across Campus, a mentorship RSO. “We didn’t really have anyone visit and I know a lot of other orgs said it was kind of, not helpful.”

Due to COVID restrictions, that was not possible this year so students were invited to a virtual version of the day.

Organizations were gathered together in breakout rooms and students were encouraged to join a breakout room with an organization that sounded good to them though they were technical difficulties RSO‘s were still able to reach at least some students.

“We are in a lot of group chats with a lot of organizations,” Lauren Ward, president of WORD said. “We reach out and extend invitations to their old and new members.”

Writers organizing realistic dialect or W.O.R.D. has become quite known for their loud performances and calls across the quad to fellow members. W.O.R.D. is known for being quite lively at any public event but unfortunately the fire was squashed of it being virtual

However this hasn’t stopped the organization; they realize that quad day was only a fractional success so they have taken to Twitter for a welcome week.

“We have been trying to use social media to the best of our abilities,” Ward said. “Every day we have had something different so #MeetWordMonday or #TagWordTuesday.”

The welcome week serves as a way for the upperclassman to showcase what being in the organization has been like for them in order to entice and reach their target audience.

At the conclusion of each semester word put on a concert which is likely not possible this year however they are still in the works to having some kind of show keys especially since this year is their 10 year anniversary of being an organization on campus.

The organizations have been in communication with one another and they find the best ways to reach out to students and provide the best resources so they can all succeed.

“It helps that a lot of our mentors are actually on the (executive) boards or multiple organizations because if there is anything, we talk to them about it,” Mitchell said. “I asked the other day in the group chat ‘how have your general meetings been? Have you had any attendees? Do you have any questions? Or is there anything I can learn from you all?’ For the most part everyone is doing okay, they are just trying to get their general meetings out.”

Tatiania Perry

I am a journalism graduate student. In my undergraduate at the University I had the privilege of working for The Daily Illini as an Assistant Sports Editor, interning for NBC Sports Group in the digital media department as and most recently I served as a digital intern for Illinois Public Newsroom and a Teaching Assistant for the College of Media. I chose to go into Journalism because I love the idea of telling the stories of those who would otherwise not be heard, being a voice to the voiceless.