Quarantined: How students are holding up

By: Pari Apostolakos

As positive COVID-19 test results increase across the country, students here at the University are contracting the Coronavirus as well. Pari Apostolakos spoke to one student about her unique case.

University of Illinois senior Jenny Pineda felt a lot of things when she received her positive COVID test result. But the most overwhelming of them all was confusion.

“The Friday before [receiving my positive test result ] I got a positive antibody test … how does that make any sense?” Pineda asked herself.

According to the CDC, antibody tests check one’s blood to see if there is evidence of past infection with the virus that causes COVID-19, which results ihn possible temporary immunity from becoming reinfected with the virus. Studies have shown that antibodies can last around three months, but according to a recent New York Times article, they may last years.

Unfortunately, Pineda did not receive much clarity about her unique test results.

“There was a lack of information,” she said when discussing the Champaign county health department’s communication with her.

Despite not receiving answers to her questions, Pineda did what was asked of her in the days that followed her test. And that included notifying her roomates.

Pineda currently lives in a house located in the off-campus neighborhood known as Seniorland. She shares the residence with seven other University students. Senior Nicole Economou is one of them.

“They actually did not reach out [right away, it was days before they] called all of us,” Economou said.

This was not the first time the Coronavirus impacted her personally.THIS WAS NOT THE FIRST TIME THE CORONAVIRUS IMPACTED HER PERSONALLY.

“I already had COVID [so it] wasn’t as scary,” she said. But, it’s not to say that the quarantine period didn’t come with other challenges.

“As seniors, it’s our last year on campus, we don’t want to be told we can’t leave the house,” Economou admitted.

Despite feeling a lack of clarity, Pineda still has hopes for the future as we ride the second wave of this pandemic.