Quarantine Quest for Fun: Part 1

By Blake Landa


Times are tough in the wide world of sports at the moment.  Most of the professional leagues have been postponed indefinitely, meaning that there really isn’t too much to watch on television sports wise.  In this absence, I have decided to try and find different sports or games that you can play by yourself or with the people that you are being quarantined with.  I have decided to call this the “Quarantine Quest for Fun”.  In this first edition, I have decided to tackle a sport that is not that widely known but it’s something that I have been playing for a few years.  The sport is called Disc Golf and there is probably a park near where you live that offers the course for free.  Disc golf, like regular golf, is a sport where the objective is to throw a disc, or Frisbee, in the least amount of throws into a basket.  The basket is a metal structure that has chains hanging from an upper ring that will essentially “catch” a disc that is thrown at it.  Typically courses are all par 3’s, obviously with a few exceptions like par 4’s or par 5’s for holes that are particularly long.  This sport is perfect for our current social distancing standards that we are observing.  Most of the time you are never going to interact with other players on the course and they will be spread out much more than 6 feet from each other.  This sport is basically a “walk in the park” because most courses are located at parks and you are not throwing discs that often.  It is a perfect sport for heading outside not that the weather is starting to become nicer and it is also a nice way to break the cabin fever that is starting to set in for all of us.  Stay safe and stay healthy, I’ll be back next week with another edition of the “Quarantine Quest for Fun” checking out a brand new game called DAGZ that was invented in Peoria, Illinois.