QuaranTineV Recommendations

By Connor Ciecko

I’m a big fan of good TV and film. I love watching new programs and checking out things that pop up in my feed on Netflix or Hulu, and I’ve had no shortage of time these past couple weeks to do so. If you need something new to watch, here are a couple programs that have been binged on my screens.

Tiger King is the first one on the list. The Netflix docuseries follows Joe Exotic, a zoo owner, gubernatorial candidate, and tiger lover as he dukes it out with basically everyone around him. There’s plenty of drama, mystery, murder, cats, and red-blooded-Americana for everyone to love. Every episode made me say “wow there’s no way it can get wilder” before it went and got wilder. If you’ve liked some of Netflix’s other nonfiction tales, you’d probably like Tiger King too.

Devs is another show I’m making my way through. It’s an FX on Hulu exclusive and they’re releasing a new episode every week, so even I don’t know how it ends yet. I saw a trailer a couple weeks ago and decided to start it when it popped up in my Hulu recommendations this week, and it’s been drawing me through. The story follow Lily, a young software engineer whose boyfriend was murdered by the company the they work for, as she tries to unravel what he was doing, what the company is doing, and the role she plays right in the middle of it. Written and directed by Alex Garland who wrote Ex Machina, 28 Days Later, and Annihilation, the show is a combination of everything he does well. If you like dark sci-fi, this is the one for you.

If you don’t like dark sci-fi, then I’ll point you to Brooklyn 99. This police sitcom has been on the air for a while but I just recently got into it and it is fantastic. Andy Samberg leads the cast as Detective Jake Peralta, and the show follows him and the other detectives in the precinct as they go about their lives solving crimes and dealing with the little things. You have to appreciate a good workplace comedy.

Those are the things that I’ve been watching, and I love to get your favorites too. Let me know your thoughts by email at cciecko2@illinois.edu.