Procrastination hits hard towards end of semester

By Angelle Cortes

For Good Morning Illini Jose Zepeda and I, our first half of senior year is almost over and we’ve got senioritis kicking in. In addition to most of our classes online, we’ve slacked off even harder than usual.  

Here are some ways we’ve been slacking off throughout the semester. 

Online Shopping

I am very guilty of this one, while I may not buy stuff I still spend hours browsing on Amazon. For the past couple of months, I have been thinking about building my own PC. However, I don’t know much about computer parts, but I am slowly learning by watching a bunch of YouTube videos. 

Every single time I watch someone build a PC that’s within my budget, I add all the parts of their build to one of my lists on Amazon. Just looking at one part will put me into a spiral looking up more and more parts to add to my list.

Video Games

Personally I think Jose is more guilty of this more than me. Lately he has been spending his nights playing whatever racing games he has whether it be Gran Turismo or The Crew 2. Sometimes he’ll even hop on Grand Theft Auto 5 and do a couple of missions or just mess around on the game. 

Picking a video to watch

When we’re in the middle of doing homework, Jose and I just like to relax sometimes and take a break. So we just get on YouTube on his PS4 and try to find a couple videos to watch for maybe 20-30 minutes. 

However, sometimes we can’t find a video to watch because there isn’t anything good. Regardless, we still scroll through the recommended videos and find something to watch. The only bad thing is that we’ll spend the 20-30 minutes trying to find a video and end up wasting a whole hour finding and watching a couple of videos. 

With a couple of weeks until finals, stay focused and don’t slack off like us.