Presidential race: 5 states up for grabs

By Acacia Hernández

Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are the last fives states counting their votes before being officially declared by AP News.

Democrat Joe Biden currently has a total of 253 electoral votes, according to NBC News, while President Donald Trump trails at 214. According to an analysis from Lisa Lerer, a political newsletter writer for The New York Times, if Biden wins Pennsylvania or two of Arizona Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia he would win the race.

Since Trump needs more electoral votes, he would have to win Pennsylvania and Georgia and two of either Arizona, Nevada and North Carolina.

Wednesday afternoon, Trump tweeted that he won the states of Pennsylvania, Georgia and North Carolina. But Twitter fact checked him and informed viewers that “official sources may not have called the race when this was tweeted,” to halt the spread of misinformation.

A few hours later, Biden tweeted with confidence that he will win the race.

Americans across the country are left anticipating who will win this year’s presidential race, but due to the large shift to mail voting this year, an official winner might not be announced until another few days, or even weeks from today.