New TikTok Trend has Students Vandalizing School Property

A viral TikTok challenge known as “Devious Licks” has students vandalizing school property from destroying bathroom sinks to ripping off soap dispensers as a means to hop on the trend. The vandalism and theft have Champaign school officials warning students of the consequences for misbehaviors around the school.

Champaign Unit 4 District sent out an email this past Friday notifying families that Central High school was undergoing forms of vandalism and that these actions will not be tolerated. 

The school letter stated that consequences “could be anything up to and including expulsion from school, along with monetary and/or service restitution.”

Not only was school property like soap dispensers and toilets affected by this trend but even the vandalism of COVID-19 tests has added to the 102.7 million dollar budget for school improvements. 

Alisha Alam, a University student and town local, mentioned her thoughts on the issue. 

“I feel like students are making it difficult for other kids to pursue their education, my siblings even find it hard going to the bathroom without finding red paint in a bathroom stall or a busted water fountain,” said Alam. 

Along with the local school districts, the University campus has been seeing similar problems right here on campus. 

“A U. of I. employee reported that several items had been damaged between 7 a.m. and 11:11 p.m. Thursday at Gregory Hall, 810 S. Wright St., Urbana.

A university employee reported several items stolen and vandalized from Gregory Hall like ripped thermostats, broken paper towel dispensers and more. The estimated cost to repair the damage done in Gregory Hall is up to $1,020. 

The employee said similar incidents had occurred at Gregory Hall several times since the beginning of the semester.