New Book Bar Open in Downtown Champaign

The Literary celebrated its grand opening in Champaign last Wednesday, October 6th. Complete with work spaces, coffee and pastries from Hopscotch Bakery, and a bar, The Literary (Lit for short) is not your average bookstore. Manager Remington Rock said that Lit was conceptualized as a place for the community to gather together: “[The owner] was looking for a third place here in Champaign. The first place that you have is your home, your second place is your work, and so she really wanted the community to have a place to gather, to meet, to enjoy. So, [Lit] came about and we’re so excited that it’s finally open!”

Lit customers enjoy being able to read while enjoying the atmosphere of the store and, of course, treats from Hopscotch Bakery. Michaela Leake, a customer, said that she had liked going to Hopscotch and was excited to hear about the Lit’s opening, because it gave her an opportunity to have everything in one “cute” place. “I just think it’s so cute, and it’s always great to support a local business, and I love that everything is well-organized and decorated. I like being able to support the town,” she said.

The Literary crew is looking forward to a bright future of introducing the community to their new favorite books as well as connecting them with local writers. In its first week, Lit has already hosted several University of Illinois Creative Writing faculty and students to read excerpts of their work. Rock said that “I’m just so excited about everything. Access to an independent bookstore in this community is something we thought was very much needed, so we’re really looking forward to that and bringing new things to the community, from lit nights to book clubs. We’re looking forward to having a place where the community gathers and we’re looking for community feedback. We want everybody to let us know what they want from a place like this so we can provide that to them.”

The Literary is located at 122 N Neil St. It is open Wednesday-Saturday 9 AM-9 PM. On Sundays, it closes at 7 PM.

coThe “Lorelai Gilmore Platter” from Hopscotch-a collection of Cheetos, Oreos, Bugles, Rice Krispie Treats, marshmallows, and Chex Mix.

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