Keeping Busy or: How I Learned to Love the Now

By Connor Ciecko

Being stuck inside brings with it a unique opportunity: self-improvement and development.  I’ve been attempting to use my time to work on skills that I already have as well as trying to learn some new ones.

I’ve been making videos since I was little, and I’ve grown a lot in my abilities since those days of making terrible movie parodies and poorly executed stop motion.  It was those half-baked productions that helped lead me down the road I’m on now and they are my inspiration to keep furthering my craft.  I’ve been attempting to teach myself digital special effects, cohesive editing techniques, and just generally trying to make the production value of my videos higher.  What better time to level up than now?  After all, I have nothing but time.

Aside from improvement, I’ve been using this to do things I enjoy.  I’m a big movie and TV buff, so I’ve been using my couch time to watch things I haven’t seen before.  I’ve also been playing video games online with friends who I normally never play games with and coming up with creative ways to get my friends together virtually to hang out.  My mother pointed out something the other day that struck me, but that I think is all too accurate.  Now that we’re limited in the way that we can interact with people, we’re interacting more with people that we normally wouldn’t interact with.  I can’t quite explain it, but it’s nice to see that our communities are growing stronger in the face of adversity.

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