KAM’s, Joes closed this weekend

By Connor Ciecko

In an effort to continue to quell the spread of COVID-19, popular campustown bars KAM’s, Red Lion and Joe’s Brewery will be closed this weekend.

The university issued a statement last week about Greek reunion, an annual, unsanctioned event where fraternity and sorority alumni come to CU to see old friends and party, in a similar fashion to unofficial but not at quite the same scale. In the statement, Vice Chancellor Danita Young urged students to not participate in the event out of a concern that it would give the virus a hotspot to multiply.

Champaign Mayor Deb Feinen issued an emergency order last week limiting campustown bars to 25% of their capacity and restricting access to only patrons who are 21 and older after 9 p.m.

Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin made a similar statement last week to venues with liquor licenses, stating that they can have their license revoked if they fail to adhere to Phase 4 rules.

Increased police patrols will be present during the weekend and stricter enforcement of the rules will be in effect in both public locations, like the bars, and private homes and apartments. Students who participate in events may be subject to punitive action not only from the police but also from the university.

Photo by Jim Meadows/Illinois Newsroom