Joe’s Brewery closed to slow spread of COVID-19

by Pari Apostolakos

A week ago a popular bar located in the heart of campustown, Joe’s Brewery, announced in an Instagram post it is closing until further notice. The decision to shut the doors came shortly after a massmail from University chancellor Robert Jones warning students against gathering in large groups. Students have been suspended for acting irresponsibly at bars near campus in light of the coronavirus pandemic, and registered student organizations have been disciplined for noncompliance with the University’s guidelines. Students visiting bars and restaurants despite testing positive for the virus threatens the University’s ability to hold in-person classes this semester.

Joe’s Brewery says in an Instagram caption that it is closing so as to stand in solidarity with the Chancellor’s plea for students to continue social distancing to prevent Fall semester becoming completely online. The comments section of the announcement post is largely filled with positive messages from students, parents and employees alike praising the decision to sacrifice business for the sake of public health. The bar did not give much warning as to this decision, announcing its plans to take a hiatus during business hours the night of the closure. Rumors spread quickly amongst students, and there was speculation about the state of other bars on campus.

The Red Lion and Kam’s remain open and continue to operate under social distancing procedures. Joe’s has not since announced a date on which they plan to reopen.