iSEE Takes Action to Make Campus More Sustainable

The average individual generates around 6 pounds of waste per day, and about 40% of all waste is in the form of food. Each person disposes of approximately a ton of waste per year. 

October is marked as Sustainability month in the calendar which means The Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment (iSEE) will be taking actions to increase sustainability in the campus community. 

The organization will be organizing a “Waste Reduction Challenge”, where students participate in a weekly checklist to fill out with the items that they throw in the garbage each day; for example, food, single-use disposable items, paper, and plastics.

Micheal Issacson, an Agriculture student at the University, describes his involvement in the challenge. 

“I think it’s a great way to help tidy up the community. They provided the forms and everything, we don’t have to do anything but clean up,” said Issacson. 

A point system will be used to keep track of waste, and the goal is to earn as few points as possible. There is also the opportunity to subtract points for positive actions, and at the end of each week, the grid will be uploaded to the weekly Google form. 

Julie Wurth Asmussen, a member of the Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment, decided it would be an interactive way to increase sustainability initiatives on campus.  The campus trash pickup will first take place October 15th and the first Student Sustainability Summit Research Symposium will take place on October 26th. There will also be a Campus Sustainability Celebration on October 20th. Find all the events on iSEE’s Sustainability Month Calendar.

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