IHSA Still Hopeful for Spring Season

By UI7 News Staff

Currently, all high school athletics, games and practices, are canceled until April 7. Which left coaches and players wondering if April 8 is a target day to resume their season. Wednesday, Illinois High School Association Executive Director Craig Anderson provided an update.
“As the IHSA staff and board continue to monitor the updates from government offices as well as state and local health departments, we continue to support the possibility of our member schools completing both regular and post-spring sports seasons,” Anderson said in the statement. “The date schools can return to regular session will determine the length of the spring sports season and the potential of an IHSA State Series. We will be working with our Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) to determine the need for an acclimatization period in advance of the competition.
Anderson also added, “No timeline has been set at this time.” Saying that coaches will ultimately need to work in conjunction with their local school administration, as some school districts may choose to be more restrictive in their decisions to return teams to practice or games.