Habitat for Humanity is Auctioning Dog and Cat Houses

On September 25th, Habitat for Humanity held their annual “Raise the Roof” fundraiser where they built cat and dog houses. 15 teams were a part of creating houses that will now be auctioned off.

The houses are now on display at Marketplace Mall at the center of the mall near Dick’s Sporting Goods. The houses will remain on display at the mall until October 18th for people to view. There are a variety of houses available for sale.

The houses will be auctioned off online between October 1 to October 11. The money raised from the fundraiser will be used to help fund homes that will be built in Champaign County by Habitat for Humanity. The houses are available for bidding on their eBay page.

This will further Habitat for Humanity’s mission that everyone deserves a home. Similar to their recent fundraiser they are focused on bringing the community together to help each other.

This leads them one more step closer to their ability to build houses in Champaign county like the four they mentioned earlier this year. Habitat for Humanity primarily focuses on helping families finally achieve homeownership through their Local Build Program.

Habitat for Humanity truly stands on “everyone deserves to have a place to call home” fundraisers like “Raise the Roof” allow for the community to get involved in unique ways. The fundraiser involved multiple local businesses like Black Dog and Kam’s who each built their own homes.

There is currently a fun vote happening on the Habitat for Humanity Champaign county website that is open for voting to see who built the best dog and cat houses. This event has become a way to bring the community together for a good cause.