Grace Brinkman

Grace Brinkman is a sophomore studying Journalism with a minor in Legal Studies. She is from Collinsville, Illinois, a town right outside St. Louis, Missouri. Grace developed a love for reading and creative writing at a very young age, and still holds this passion today. Curious to learn more about worlds outside her own, Grace loves to read and write about other people’s lives and experiences. 

            Grace began living alone with her single unemployed father at the age of 16. The University of Illinois was her dream school, but she wasn’t sure how she would be able to afford tuition. In high school she worked hard to get a 4.0 and made it into her dream University with a full ride through the Illinois Commitment program. It was her dream come true. During her time on campus, Grace is president of Eta class in her professional law fraternity and is also enrolled in a social sorority. Alpha Chi Omega’s philanthropy for protection against domestic violence evoked passion from her, so she decided to run for external philanthropy chair. She was elected and works to raise awareness and organize nonprofits for this cause. 

            Grace has a passion for running and recently completed the Rock n’ Roll half marathon in Nashville, Illinois with her brother. She plans on running a full marathon in the future. This sport shows her just how much she is capable of when she sets her mind to it, and she brings this attitude to her work ethic as well as her training.

            After obtaining her bachelors, Grace is working to attend law school at the University of Virginia. She is wanting to pursue family law but is open to all opportunities presented her way. 

reporter Grace Brinkman
reporter Grace Brinkman
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