Governor J.B. Pritzker’s Extension on the Eviction Moratorium Ends

Another moratorium is looming for renters in the state. The end of the eviction moratorium on September 18th by Governor J.B. Pritzer is leaving many Illinois residents unsure of what the future may hold for residents still struggling to pay their rent. 

It is unclear what will happen to residents with other non-federal mandates still in place. Organizations around Champaign county are trying to ensure more funding to take the pressure off renters that are not able to pay the previous month’s rent or their current rent.  

The Party for Socialism and Liberation has begun a strong effort to cancel the rent for Champaign county. This upcoming Monday they will be hosting an event at three pm at the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

Residents say it has been especially concerning that as the pandemic has continued, the rent has still risen. They say people are struggling and the moratorium lifting has been a cause for more stress. 

In the past year, the price of homes in the Champaign-Urbana area has increased by fifteen percent. This increase is impacting renters and homeowners. People are still effectively moving to different areas but the supply of houses is low due to the uncertainty many homeowners had with the pandemic.

This is a situation that the market has never seen before which leaves many wondering what’s going to happen next.

Illinois has been one of the leading states when it comes to providing emergency assistance for buyers with $500 million being made available through the Illinois Payment Program. There are multiple programs in the works to ensure that the ending of the moratorium does not result in eviction and that Illinois residents will have the ability to receive more funds.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control will still have a moratorium in effect until October 3rd.