Good Morning Illini Mar. 4

On episode four of Good Morning Illini we’ll look at the first week of the University dropping its mask mandate, updates on the Russian invasion, and how students are enjoying the nice weather outside.

Face coverings are optional in spaces on campus for the first time since the pandemic started. Places where you don’t need one is in non-instructional buildings, which include the Illini Union, libraries and both gyms on campus, Activities and Recreation Center and Campus Recreation Center East.

For those wanting to workout can do it freely without needing to worry about wearing a face covering. Good Morning Illini reporter Alec Busse talked to one student that’s getting to the ARC because masks are optional. Another is an intramural referee that’s glad he doesn’t need to worry about telling people to put their mask back on during games.

This past week the Ukraine Student Association held a rally at Alma Mater to show support of Ukraine. People of all ages showed up Sunday afternoon to show their support even if they weren’t Ukrainian. A big crowd surrounded Alma and people voiced their feelings on wanting the war to end.

The University has seen near spring weather this past week. Students ditched their winter coats and took it out to the Main Quad to enjoy some sun for once. Humberto Giles-Sanchez was the quad and talked to students who were simply just enjoying the outdoors.

Good Morning Illini Grace Brinkman also spoke with C-U Adventures in Urbana and found out how they were able to survive the pandemic.

C-U Adventures describes themself as a real life puzzle game for friend, family and coworkers. The Good Morning Illini and Illini Sports Night crew had their own adventure finding clues, solving riddles, discovering secret passages and most importantly saving the world.