GMI Goes to the Zoo

With businesses closed and no one going to see a movie, or play, one location is still essential for the residents who live there. Connor Ciecko talks with Brookfield’s Zoo’s Curator of behavioral husbandry about caring for over 2300 different animals.

Normally when you go to the zoo you can see feeding sessions, get up close to the animal and learn what they need for care, enrichment and habitat. Now, at 11:00 AM, zoo staff appear on Facebook Live offering that same experince in a virtual form. They call their segment “Bring to Zoo to You”. Sullivan says, “there is no better way to connect people with wildlife and nature.”

Visitors to the Brookfield’s Zoo’s Facebook page can watch, ask questions or simply comment on their joy of seeing the animals. In some cases get closer than ever before. Watch Connor and Tim Sullivan’s conversation now.

Video courtesy of Brookfield Zoo