Electrical Outages Leads to Halting of Research at Roger Adams Laboratory

By: Sabrina Lee

Roger Adams Laboratory South experienced a power outage on Sunday, February 7th. The outage is ongoing.

Graduate students, post-doctorate students, and research heads with temperature-sensitive equipment and supply stocks were advised to transfer items until power can be restored. Students rushed to their laboratories late in the evening in an attempt to save years of critical research and data from being rendered useless.

The outage was caused by an air handling unit’s coil that burst and flooded the basement with about three feet of chilled water. UIUC Facilities and Services crew remain onsite to drain the water before attempting to restore power to the building.

The ongoing repairs have resulted in the laboratories being an unsafe and hazardous work environment, preventing many students from continuing their research for the time being.


Power has since been restored to the building and facilities and research have resumed as normal. Students have been warned of a slight breeze in the hallways from air vents throughout the South part of the building.