Daily Mindfulness Session Available over Zoom for De-Stressing

Amidst exams coming up and the new trailing variant of COVID-19, students may be far from calm on campus. While the counseling center provides resources like therapy to help students navigate their personal lives, some students have expressed how inaccessible the counseling center can be. 

“I scheduled an appointment with them and didn’t hear back for weeks, they said they were almost fully booked,” said Maha Shams. 

Earlier this semester the Counselling Center came out with a new series of Daily Mindfulness Drop-ins. These are daily guided activities to help students master mindfulness. According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, mindfulness in students creates less room for behavioral issues and unnecessary stress, allowing students to stay more engaged and focused academically. 

The workshops are every day from 4:15-4:45 over zoom. 

“Because it’s virtual and for a short period of time, it’s a lot more accessible for students to just hop in and hop out whenever they feel rejuvenated,” said Nicole Evans, Media Communications Coordinator for the Counselling Center. 

Evans mentioned that the Counselling Center provided this new resource to help students destress more accessibly without needing to go through a whole process of seeking out a therapist if all one needs is a mood booster. 

These workshops are not therapy groups, but are open to all Illinois students and are not confidential 

The workshops are every day from 4:15-4:45 over zoom and will go up until the last day of finals. The link to the sessions can be found on the Counselling Center website.

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