CU Adventures Offers an Escape From School

By Connor Ciecko

University of Illinois students had their first of three spring break replacement days, referred to as “non-instruction days” by the administration, yesterday.  Without a proper week-long break this year, it is more important than ever to take time to focus on one’s mental health and to alleviate the stress and fatigue that often comes with classes and deadlines and has been magnified by the unique circumstances of the year.

While the goal of eliminating Spring break was to reduce the amount of travel that students would be engaging in, there are still plenty of things that students can do in their apartments, on campus and in the campus community to unwind.

One fun thing to do on a day off is just a stone’s throw from campus in downtown Urbana: CU Adventures in Time and Space.  This escape room offers a variety of different themed rooms suitable for all age and skill levels, and they even offer an online option for those who would prefer to stay home and do something by themselves or with their roommates.

CU Adventures in Time and Space is offering a new at-home game called “Solve Our Shirts”

“We do maintain that escape rooms can be a good source of entertainment during the pandemic,” said owner Chris Lukeman. “It’s been a great opportunity to see groups of two come out and play, small family units come out. Players will never see another public person and we do full sanitation between the games and do require masks one hundred percent of the time.”

CU Adventures offers two online escape rooms, “The Lost Temple,” which is based on a physical room they used to have when they first started out in the community, and “Floor 13,” a spooky puzzle where you try to escape from your office building after hours.  Games can be played in under two hours and all the clues and puzzles are accessible right in a web browser.

Tune in to Good Morning Illini tomorrow at 11am for more on CU Adventures and some of the ways that they’re continuing to bring their experience to the community.