COVID-19 Regulations for Apartment Complexes

The Champaign-Urbana Health Department continues to take COVID-19 precautions. The department has notified over half a dozen apartments on and off the University of Illinois campus about current risks. The apartment complexes were informed that they have been identified as a COVID-19 outbreak sight. Per the health department’s request, the notified apartment complexes are abiding by new regulations. Two of these apartment complexes include The Dean, which is an on-campus high rise, as well as Burnham 310, which is an off-campus apartment building. Burnham 310 sent out an email notifying tenets of the new regulations.

The email stated “The health department is requiring the following actions at our community for the next 28 days” and listed their new guidelines.

The regulations include the closing of all amenity and common areas, as well as a strict no guest policy. The Dean is following the same no guest policy. Both apartments state that breaking any of the guidelines will be considered as a violation of the tenets lease. 

These new regulations will expire on October 28th.